Cyberlaw Happenings

The following are the various resources collated by Pavan Duggal.


  1. Judiciary to Get Lessons in Cyber Law
  2. Lawmakers push cyber law after JPMorgan hack
  3. Cyberlaw adoption in Latin America moves forward
  4. Media Watchdog Says Qatar Cyber Law Threatens Freedoms
  5. Facebook Tells the DEA That Fake Accounts and Covert Ops Are Not Welcome
  6. Skills set a priority over legacy prejudices, experts say
  7. Chief Judicial Magistrate orders to probe Saritha clippings
  8. Businessman defamed on website, FB
  9. Social media can trigger communal tension
  10. Socializing with a virtual wallet
  11. A federal robotics agency? Law professor makes the case
  12. Who Should Be Unmasked on the Internet?
  13. Can a company stop you from writing a negative online review? Not if Congress passes this bill
  14. Social media has its highs, but is it becoming a weapon for riot-mongers?
  15. Europe’s police need data law changes to fight cybercrime – Europol
  16. $42 million to strengthen Singapore’s cyber infrastructure against threats: DPM Teo Chee Hean
  17. Facebook slur against Shastri couple’s daughter – two Math supporters held
  18. Kiss of Love Facebook Page Vanished, Say Organisers
  19. Netizens Hit by Cyberpolicing
  20. Cyber security: Security awareness can’t be just a one off
  21. Australian State Imposes Up To Two-Year Sentences For ‘Sexting’ Without Consent
  22. New rules in China for smartphone apps
  23. Korea needs to clarify data transfer rules
  24. Overseas Cambodians told cyber law applies
  25. The Law Needs To Keep Up With Technology But Not At The Expense Of Civil Liberties
  26. Due Diligence in a Big Data World
  27. India leads Facebook’s global list for content restriction
  28. The Morning Risk Report: Lawsuit Could Define Scope of Cyber Liability Coverage
  29. Cyber laws must explain how businesses can collaborate on risk protection, says expert
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